Dr. Stefan Taruttis


Dr. Stefan Taruttis studied Biotechnology at the Technical University Berlin. He is interested in both mechanical engineering and the specifics of process engineering als well as chemistry. One focus was and still is on biochemistry and genetics. The experimental Diploma thesis in microbial genetics was prepared in the Department of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham (GB) under the auspices of the Erasmus-Programme of the European Community.

Researcher in a Start-up Company

After completion of the University studies, Stefan Taruttis was part of the research and development section of a start-up biotech company in Berlin, that originated from the Technical University Berlin.

PhD Thesis

Following the commercial research work he prepared his experimental PhD thesis in microbial genetics and enzymology at the Institut for Biotechnology II, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg. This research was complemented by supplementary courses in adjacent scientific fields including organic chemistry, down-stream processing, mammalian and plant cell culture.

Patent Attorney

Following the admission as a registered Patent Attorney Stefan Taruttis first continued to work in the office where he was trained. In January 2003 Dr. Stefan Taruttis founded his office in Hannover. To-date, he conducts a multitude of proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patents Court. Dr. Stefan Taruttis is also a qualified European Patent Attorney, admitted for representation before the European Patent Office, where he conducts a multitude of grant and opposition proceedings. In several infringement proceedings (patents, trade marks, and design patents) he acts as the Patent Attorney before the competent Regional Courts. With respect to trademarks he is active before the Harmonization Office in the Internal Market (EU-Trademark Office in Alicante, Spain), before the German Patent and Trademark Office, and before the WIPO/OMPI in Geneva.